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WINES AVAILABLE & COMMENTS (Updated February 2014)

As usual my sauvignon blanc is not like a New Zealand Sauvignon blanc.This years is even more different than usual. The grapes were picked at a higher baume than I prefer (equivalent to 15% alcohol) but still with good acid structure. The resultant wine is a complex sauvignon blanc with certain characteristics of sauvignon blanc from Sancerre. It has a complex nose with touches of butterscotch and tropic fruits. It is full bodied on the palate with a great mouth feel. It has some residual sugar but this is balancedbya high acidity so that it finishes long and clean. I was sceptical how this would be accepted but at Budburst and other events it has ben the preferred wine.

The 2012 Chardonnay was a small vintage and is already sold out. I have brought forward the bottling of my 2013 which is at Hanging Rock being bottled. I have still available the 2011 which is a different style to most of my Chardonnays. It is more austere with flavours in the citrus range. It has little oak and is more like a Chablis than a Burgundy. At various events s a number of people prefer it to the outstanding 2010 Chardonnay and it is good to have a variety of styles.

Temparanillo is the great red wine grape of Spain. In Rioja in the north and Albero de Duro in the centre. It produces elegant fruit driven wines. In the south it produces intense tannic wines. The wine produced at Mount Charlie is a wine with the elegance of Pinot but with the body of Shiraz.
A brilliant, cherry red coloured wine. Bouquet of dark cherries with spicy overtones tempered by oaky and vanillin flavours. Mouth pleasing with a great balance of spicy fruit, acid and tannins. Elegantly structured but full bodied and finishes with length. A wine to be enjoyed now but will be even better with 2 to 3 years of bottle age.

The wine has been made in limited quantities and the production will never exceed 100 cases. It can be purchased at the cellar door or by mail order.

Malbec is one of the grape varieties of Bordeaux complimenting Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Merlot. In France it is rarely made as a straight varietal but adds great fruit flavours to Bordeaux blends. In Australia much the same practice is followed as in France but some producers make a straight varietal which can have intense flavours. Mendoza in Argentina at the foot of the Andes is the home of great MALBECS. Wines produced there have great fruit flavours with a robust structure and finish. Reasons for the difference from France are unclear though it is possible that warm to hot days with cool nights produce the intensity of flavours but maintain the structure. The day night temperature differential is close to 20 C. Malbec has been produced at Mount Charlie since 2004.

Malbec 2009
An intense dark ruby coloured wine with aromas and tastes of brambles, plums and mulberry. The structure is full due to a balance of acid and tannins with a dry persistent finish. A short time of bottle age will soften the tannins and make it an outstanding MALBEC which should have a life of at least 10 years

The way most people make a blended wine is by growing the grapes separately, making the wine separately and then blending the finished wines. Mount Charlie Shiraz Merlot is made in a different way. The vineyard plantings of Shiraz and Merlot are intermingled and are picked together. The proportions of vines are approximately equal but the contribution of each variety will depend upon the cropping level of each variety which will vary from year to year. There is also a small amount of cabernet which contributes to the wine. This system is demanding to obtain the appropriate ripeness with maintenance of acid but the combination usually comes out right. The wine is made by open fermentation with 6 hour plunging followed by airbag pressing. Due to the cool climate and the airbag pressing the wine produced is soft without excessive tannins but it has a long life due to the acid content.

The 2009 vintage came from a warm, relatively dry year. The wine has a bright ruby colour with a bouquet that includes cherries and raspberries. There are spicy herbaceous flavours with peppery characteristics. The American and French oak contributes cedary and vanillin flavours. It has a soft, full bodied mouth feel with a good middle palate followed by a smooth but firm and long finish. It will become even better with bottle age and continue drinking for at least 10 years.

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